tenerife wedding planner About

Hi! Nice to see you here!

Beyond the name of Mangusto - is me - Auguste - and my awesome team, who travels with me through all adventures !

During 7 years working in wedding industry as a wedding photographer, I felt so much in love with weddings, that I decided to offer something new and different for my wedding couples:

not only intimate wedding ceremony on the beautiful Tenerife island, but something that You could never forget. Something that is not posed. That real love stuff. Real adventure.

In the moment when this crazy idea started to come true , I met amazing people, who have joined my team and we started providing destination wedding service on the Canary Islands. That’s how Wedding Adventures was born!

We are here to take you to the next level of destination weddings!  And if you want to jump into adventure with us - let’s talk!

Your adventurer, Auguste